New call for Life Science projects to speed up the development of Life Science companies by providing financing, support and access to expertise

Press releases   •   Nov 19, 2019 07:00 UTC

​Uppsala BIO, a part of STUNS (The Foundation for Collaboration between the Universities in Uppsala, Business, and the Public Sector), opens a new call, BIO-X Accelerate, to speed up the development of Life Science companies with financing ranging from 3 MSEK up to 7 MSEK. Small andMedium-sized Enterprises(SME) from East Middle Sweden (Östra Mellansverige) are invited to submit proposals.

Uppsala Life 2019: Arena for Life Science - Creating conditions for healthy growth

Press releases   •   Oct 10, 2019 11:04 UTC

The forum Uppsala Life 2019 – Arena for Life Science with this year’s theme: Creating Conditions for healthy growth is the first time that representatives from the entire Uppsala life science sector – from global businesses and start-ups to universities and government offices –meet to discuss the needs, challenges and opportunities of the local industry.

Uppsala BIO contributes to a successful year for Testa Center

News   •   Oct 03, 2019 12:06 UTC

Fifteen projects from Scandinavia have so far benefited from the technology and know-how available at Testa Center. Uppsala BIO has a crucial role in the development and establishment of Testa Center, resulting in the increased overall value of the Testa Center projects.

Björn Arvidsson new Managing director for Uppsala BIO

Press releases   •   Aug 21, 2019 12:49 UTC

Life Science in Uppsala is entering a new and exciting time, sometimes called the fourth industrial revolution. A fusion of technologies and systems - physical, biological and digital - create new rules of the game and industry definitions.

Science Fiction becomes reality – CAR T cells and the transformation of medicine

News   •   Jun 24, 2019 11:08 UTC

Efter Jobbet Harvesting human cells are not easy. The scientists started harvesting T cells from people several years ago, then genetically altering them, to add chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) that specifically recognizes cancer cells and then infuse the resulting CAR-T cells into patients to attack their tumors.

Successful spring edition of Efter Jobbet

News   •   Apr 17, 2019 11:59 UTC

​ We are glad to have a very successful start of the spring series of Efter Jobbet, an event organized by Uppsala BIO., where we tackle hot topics of the Life Science industry in a casual atmosphere

From hospital walls to where the patient is

News   •   Apr 15, 2019 12:11 UTC

Redefining the future of Healthcare through the Vision e-Health 2025 is an inevitable process for the Life Science industry, according to Patrik Sundström, Head of e Health at The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions SKL.

Testa Center: Scaling up the value

News   •   Apr 09, 2019 09:11 UTC

Spinach, antibodies, virtual reality. Lots of exciting projects in the state-of-the-art facility, Testa Center, a major initiative between the Swedish Government and GE. Scaling up to the large volume and gaining a new level of knowledge bring enthusiasm and positivity among the team and the actors at the authentic industrial test-bed, Testa Center.

Klövern chooses Uppsala BIO as partner for continued development in rapidly-growing Uppsala

News   •   Jan 17, 2019 15:09 UTC

Uppsala BIO and the real estate company Klövern have signed a three-year collaboration agreement for the further development of Uppsala Business Park located in Fyrislund, the city’s southernmost industry district. The ambition is to create a new business district for innovation and growth as part of a world-leading life science region.

National coordination and clearer rules for smoother introduction of digital tools into Swedish healthcare

News   •   Nov 08, 2018 09:23 UTC

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have great difficulties in finding out what is required to get their digital products into public healthcare. Patients seeking help and support have limited insight into what digital tools are available. At the same time, public healthcare is struggling to find new ways to digitalize parts of their offering. This calls for common rules and national coordination to secure a smooth introduction of digital tools into healthcare.

To contribute to necessary change that will lead to cutting edge digitalization of Swedish healthcare, as well as getting the most out of Swedish inventions and new products, we at Uppsala BIO have been an active part in driving this agenda forward.

We were part of initiating a pilot study in 2016, which in 2017 led to the start of Ordnat införande av digitala produkter och tjänster (ordered introduction of digital products and services). This is a collaborative effort led by SKL (Sveriges Kommuner och Landsting/Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions) together with Region Norrbotten, Stockholm Science City and Uppsala BIO. Uppsala BIO is represented in the project team by Erik Olaisson, and by Erik Forsberg in the project steering group.

The aim of the project is to facilitate the implementation and introduction of digital tools into healthcare, thereby contributing to increased growth in SMEs as well as supporting the Vision e-Health 2025.

The first delivery from the project is the report Tydligare spelregler och samordning av krav – Rekommendationer till nytta för patient, vård och företag (clearer rules and coordination of claims with recommendations to the benefit of patients, healthcare and business). It describes the challenges that county councils, regions and businesses are faced with in the process of providing digital tools for patients with prescribed self-care.

The project presents eight proposals on how to better utilize the potential of digital products and services:

  • Develop and implement a joint national framework
  • Establish coordination and synergies for medical devices and IT
  • Adopt the proposal for a national infrastructure to support information management for digital services for prescribed self-care
  • Create a library of claims (to clarify and coordinate requirements)
  • National coordination of priorities and recommendations for digital services
  • Investigate joint procurement on a national level
  • Increased ability for digital transformation
  • Product summary developed by the industry

The project will continue into 2019 to further develop and anchor some of the proposals presented in the report. We have also proposed that this effort should become an initiative within Vision e-Health 2025, thereby being officially supported ty the Swedish government and SKL (Sveriges Kommuner och Landsting/Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions).

Find the reports and more info through the links below:

Tydligare spelregler och samordning av krav (the report)

Hälsa Hem – för tillgänglig och jämlik vård (the pilot study report) 

Ordnat införande av digitala tjänster och produkter

Vision e-Hälsa 2025 (in Swedish) 

Vision e-Health 2025 (in English) 

Uppsala BIO was part of initiating a pilot study in 2016, which in 2017 led to Ordnat införande av digitala produkter och tjänster (ordered introduction of digital products and services), a collaborative effort led by SKL (Sveriges Kommuner och Landsting/ Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions) together with Region Norrbotten, Stockholm Science City and Uppsala BIO.

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